Located only 50 kilometres from the capital of Malaga, Antequera is one of the most important towns in the province. Known as the heart of Andalusia because of its location between the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Seville, it’s surrounded by the mountains of El Torcal and Chimenea.

Interestingly, its 817 km2 make it one of the largest municipalities in Spain with regard to area, which is home to around 46,000 inhabitants.

The climate is generally excellent, and on average is between 35º in summer and 18º in winter.

Economically, it is currently at a peak thanks to the number of projects in creation: the AVE connection with Madrid, Cordoba and the Costa del Sol; an airport Project and an industrial estate joined to the Antequera Business Park, make the future look bright.

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