Local cuisine in Conil

As well as visiting its fascinating sea ports and towns and the marvellous beaches of the coast, Conil also has many local restaurants where you can sample local specialities as cooked and eaten by the people of Conil themselves. In particular we recommend:

El Bar La Esquinita in the lovely old quarter of Conil itself, close by the Plaza de España. It specialises in exotic cocktails and the Spanish batido – ‘milkshake’ is too humble a phrase to describe this drink – made from fresh natural fruits, as well as a sizeable menu of classic Andalucían tapas.

El Roqueo De Conil specializes in sea fresh fish, caught by local fishermen in Conil’s abundant waters. There is also accommodation available at el Roqueo as well.

Other restaurants where you can try the endless varieties of food in the Cádiz region include El Huerto on Camino Viejo de la Fontanilla and set right on the beach at Fontanilla. It specialises in chickpeas with octopus, noodles with mussels, and the local vegetable salad, piriñaca, a variant on the pipirrana lettuce/tomato/peppers/onion salad, as well as fresh fish from the coast and, not least, several ways with what is perhaps the coast’s signature fish dish, tuna.

Don’t miss, either, the restaurants la Venta Estebana (Ctra. N-340, km 17.5) and El Resbalón, on the Plaza Santa Catalina, 7 (Telf. 617 739 440).


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