Markets in Conil

Conil’s market has 21 stalls and underground parking to reduced local traffic congestion and ease deliveries. It also as a cafeteria, various offices and community services, as well as a wide undercover public area, where neighbours can relax after work and the chore of the daily shop. Know as the El Mercado de Abastos, it has also added a new floor with more market space. Sited in the development of La Bodega in Conil de la Frontera.

Do not forget also the markets of Cádiz, above all and in the centre of the old town, around which is staged the farmous Carrusel de Coros, carousel of choirs, during the city ’s February Carnaval.

Address: Plaza de la Libertad, localidad Cádiz C.P. 11005
In the area of the market garden of the Convent de los Descalzos, nowadays the Plaza de la Libertad, sold off by the church in the 1830s; local architect Torcuato Benjumeda planned a Neoclassical ring in the style of a patio in Doric style. In 1928 it occupied a great central space with two pavilions of market spaces planned by Juan Talavera.

Address: Plaza de la Merced, localidad Cádiz C.P. 11006
Occupying the centre of the plaza, this is situated where the old Convent of the Mercedarios, Order of Mercy, built in 1629, which was knocked down when it was sold off by the church. The plaza itself dates from 1867, and in 1886 gardens were planted; the metal structure is the theatre used in the 1930s for the Velada de los Angeles, entertainment of the angels, of the theatre troupe “Las Delicias de Martínez” (Parque Génoves).

Address: C/ Marqués de la Ensenada (Cuarteles de Varela), localidad Cádiz
With a market floorspace of 1,116 square metres, also with a basement for deliveries and a between-floors level containing offices, bathrooms and security station.

The market has 37 stalls (fish, meats, vegetables). It also has a cafetería and a business centre; the natural sunlight in its centre is one of the characteristics of this modern market.

The stalls are built from marble and stainless steel, with an outststanding refrigeration system and a watering system for the fishery department.

Among the resources in this air-conditioned market there is also a specially adapted toilet for the disabled and an underground deliveries area with a goods lift.

The market also has a between-floors level for ordinary toilets and a security office controlling a CCTV system.


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