Mediterranean cuisine in Conil

The famous Mediterranean diet, known for its health benefits as well as the taste of its ingredients, can be credited to a particular conjunction of factors: the use of fresh ingredients from around the Mediterranean, the wisdom of age-old traditional recipes, and the time-honoured methods of preparation (for example, spit, oven, grill or open fire) of these dishes.

In broad outline, the Mediterranean diet is based on a healthy intake of vegetables, pulses, dried fruits, pasta, cereals, fruit, green vegetables, fish, milk and dairy products, and, of course, the finest olive oils in the Mediterranean. Meats and, naturally, wines are also important, but both in moderation. A diet originally based on poverty but now served to royalty is the secret of the balanced Mediterranean diet.

El Yunque
Adress: c/ Carretera, 5
Tel: 956442855
Terraza Medina
Addres: c/ Cádiz s/n
Tel: 956 440325
La Gaviota
Address: Plaza de las Virtudes, 16
Tel: 956 440836


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