Museums in Conil

For those who want to delve into the deep history of Conil and its people, the Museo de las Raices Colineñas opens its doors for free for previously arranged visits.

Museo de las Raíces Conileñas
Museo de las Raíces Conileñas, Plaza de Santa Catalina, 8
Opened in 1979, with the mission to showcase the traditions and customs of Conil. Its first home was in calle Hospital but later, in 1982, it took up permanent residence in the Torre de Guzmán. Three gallery spaces are dedicated to reproducing characteristic rooms from a traditional Conil house; kitchen, dining room, salon and bedroom. Another gallery houses a variety of artefacts related to work on the land and the economy of the town.

Telephone: 956 443067
Hours (in season): 11 to 14 h. and from 22 to 24 h.
Prearranged visitors only. For other access, enquire on 956 44 09 11


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