Fried fish (Pescaito frito) restaurants in Conil

The well-deserved fame of the pescaito frito gaditano, Cádiz’s variant on the classic mixture of fried fish, was won over years of using the best fish and the best recipes, made on the Atlantic coast of Cádiz, using the oldest methods to produce exquisite results.

We use only the best that the sea can offer, cooking it with care and attention, not least to the exact temperature of oil to produce the best fried fish, using only the best oils and cooked by chefs with years of experience serving a clientele who know the dish almost as well as they do.

Our fried fish is so famous thanks to the coincidence of some very simple culinary factors: firstly, the best and most varied fresh fish available, raw sea salt, fine flour for frying, very hot olive oil in a heated frying pan, and the love that goes into all good home cooking.

The beach clubs of the Conil hotels in the Fuerte Hoteles are the best setting to enjoy this fantastic dish and others.

CASA MANOLO: 956 44 40 80
(Avda. de la Playa, s/n). Especialidad en paella marinera y toda una gran variedad de pescados frescos de nuestro litoral.

LA FONTANILLA: 956 44 11 30
Playa de la Fontanilla s/n. La mejor urta de Cádiz. Especialidad en urta a la Fontanilla y mariscos. Típico restaurante de playa, sobre la arena y con tejado de sombraje. El más marinero de Conil. En una barbacoa al aire libre se preparan los pescado de la zona.


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