Eating out in Conil

Chacinas (cooked meats, usual pork, such as morcilla sausage) and fish    of all kinds, prime cuts of meat and a vast range of seafood complemented by fresh farm produce makes the gastronomy of Conil one of the most varied in the region. This ancient maritime town, where agriculture plays a very important role, has developed a cuisine defined by its own produce, using only the very best to prepare succulent dishes that are also very simple to prepare. From the countryside, traditional dishes such as: berzas (cabbage), arroz con cardillos (rice with oyster thistle), alcahuciles con chicharos (globe artichokes with chickpeas), pucheros (stews), papas aliñás (potato and pepper vinaigrette), tagarninas (wild thistles), etc.

Specialities from the annual spring pork slaughter include spicy and herbed sausages, traditional pork sausage, crackling pork, pork lard, pressed meats and a variety of pork stews. After the traditional spring matanza, slaughter, little of the meat goes to waste…

And if we’re boarding, dishes prepared from ancient recipes, including urta al horno (baked pink sea bream), atun encebollao (tuna with onion or garlic and white wine), cazón (dogfish in vinegar or tomato), stuffed octopus or chocos con papas (squid with potato), fried or griddled, among many others. Nor should we forget the salted varieties of tuna: tuna in olive oil, soaked in raw sea salt, and cured tuna roe.

In baking, there is nothing better than the local fried cinnamon and lemon pastries, special Easter biscuits, and at Christmas olive oil tartlets.

All exquisite dishes for the rarest palate.

Restaurants specialising in Mediterranean, local or international cuisine, enjoy the fantastic mixed fried fish of the region, the kitchen bakeries where you can try delicious traditional confectionery or the elaborate modern desserts available in the cafe-bakeries known as bakeries


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