The society and culture of Conil

This small pueblo blanco, white village, where for decades there was only a population of farmers and fishers, with a minimal but stable tourism culture, is now being recognised, at the doors of the new millennium, one of the most interesting areas for tourism development on the Cádiz coast.

Conil de la Frontera is found on a flat coastline bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, to the south-east of the Cádiz province, its buildings and settlements sloping down to a beautiful Atlantic beach. On the opposite slope, an access route of 2 km encircles the town centre along the coastal motorway between Cádiz and Málaga. Bordered by the municipal boundaries of Chiclana de la Frontera, Medina Sidonia and Vejer de la Frontera, it sits at the motorway sign for 38 km. from the capital, Cádiz. The municipal census records 8,651 inhabitants and you might think that small for this countryside area. Nevertheless, the population is extremely varied (on the coast, town centre, hills, forests, and an abundant rural population); this variety has an enormous impact on the way of life for the inhabitants, who alternate their activities between the countryside, commerce, and the industrial bases of tourism and fishing.

Thanks mainly to the proximity of cape Roche, Conil is the town that records the highest number of daily hours of sunshine per year in the whole of Spain. It also has extremely easy road connections to Cádiz at 40 km, Algeciras at 80 km and the airports of Jerez at 65 km and Seville at 140 on the autopista, motorway, IV.

Área of Conil

Physical surroundings

Land area 87 sq km

Distance from provincial capital 43 km

Altitude above sea level 41 m

Demography of Conil

Registered population: total 18,036 emigrants 204

Registered population: male 9,160 immigrants 400

Registered population: female 8.876

Children born to indigenous mothers 181

Percentage of population under age 20 27.99 per cent

Deaths at home 116

Percentage of population over age 65 11.06 per cent

Married with fixed abode 105

Percentage of population from abroad 1.53 per cent

Relative population increase over previous years 8.08 per cent

Significant information about Conil

Primary education centres 7

Secondary education centres 7

Primary family homes 3,887

Adult education centres 1

Secondary family homes 2,777

Health centres

New housing 179

Medical consultancies 1

Municipal libraries 1

Water capacity 10,605

Cinemas 0


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