Jienense spinach


  •     Un Kg. of spinach.
  •     3 cloves of garlic.
  •     Croutons.
  •     One choricero pepper.
  •     A bay leaf.
  •     1 egg.
  •     A piece of orange peel.
  •     Olive oil.
  •     Vinegar.
  •     Salt.
  •     A pinch of caraway seeds.
  •     Water.



- Wash the spinach and half cook it.
- Drain well.
- Fry the cloves of garlic with bread, the choricero pepper, bay leaf and a bit of orange peel.
- Stir the spinach into the oil and add the rest of the fried ingredients, which should be chopped well with a few caraway seeds.
- Add a little water to make the sauce and leave it to boil to enrich the flavour.
- Serve with a poached egg and add vinegar to taste

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