Estepona’s beaches

13 miles of beaches on the Costa del Sol. This fact tells you all you want to know about the variety of beaches around Estepona.

Some beaches are quiet, others are for naturists, and still more have a multitude of beach bars and restaurants where you can have an aperitif with Mediterranean views.

Below can be found descriptions of some of the best beaches on the Estepona coast.


This is possibly the beach that Estepona residents most like to visit. It can be found just a few yards from the main street and has been awarded the blue flag to certify its quality. It is not difficult to find a space to spread out your towel on this fine expanse of sand. The marina and the fishing port are both less than a 1 mile away and it is an ideal place to spend summer evenings, as live music concerts are held on the beach.


This beach is just 650 yards long, but its very high quality means that it has been awarded the blue flag. The beach forms a bay, meaning that it is sheltered from the wind. Clean water and an ideal temperature make it perfect for children. It can get very busy in the summer.


The beach can be found surrounded by urban areas on the outskirts of the town with the same name. Despite this, it is very popular with swimmers.


An extremely quiet beach, uncommon in this area.


Beach with a natural environment, surrounded by beautiful countryside. This quiet beach with a relaxed atmosphere does not get too busy during the summer.


Close to the “Arroyo Vaquero” river that gives the beach its name. It is a very large, quite beach. It is a perfect place to enjoy a day at the beach and it is ideal for diving enthusiasts.


This beach is the continuation of Arroyo Vaquero and Guadalobón. The length of these three beaches makes them ideal for a stroll or for sporting activities. Nudism is allowed on this beach.


This beach is the continuation of Costanatura and Arroyo Vaquero. It is ideal for playing sport.


An extensive beach that is 1410 yards long by 30 yards wide. It is a bit further away from the centre of Estepona, which means it is quieter.


This beach has an ideal environment, as it is surrounded by the sea, mountains, rivers (Velerín and Castor) and leafy vegetation. The extensive stands of pine trees isolate the beach, making it one of the quietest in Estepona.


This is also a very quiet beach due to its location on the banks of the rivers Velerin and Castor. It is a large beach, measuring 3280 yards long by 40 yards wide.


This beach is well known for having very clean water. It is located on the right bank of the river Guadalmansa. This is another beach that is a lot quieter than the ones closer to the village.


This is the continuation of Velerín beach. A lot more people visit this beach at weekends. Its forested areas are an ideal place for a siesta during the hottest part of the day.


This beach is set in unbeatable surroundings between the river Guadalmansa and large areas of arable land that run down to the edge of the sand. It is a very quiet beach, ideal for getting away from the crowds.


This beach is very clean and almost 2 miles long. It is ideal for practising watersports.


This beach has extremely clean water. This, combined with the surrounding landscape, makes it ideal for swimming.


This beach is located in an outlying area and is 1170 yards long by 20 yards wide.

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