Estepona’s local events

Traditional fiestas in Andalusian villages are a reflection of their character, as well as a journey through their history and popular traditions.

Estepona is very much a tourist town, which can be seen in 15th August during the “Tourist Day” celebrations.

Estepona offers plenty of leisure options, so there is fun to be had at any time. However, visiting the town during any of its local fiestas will give you a better understanding of its culture and allow you to mix with the locals. This is certainly a big attraction.

The main local fiestas in Estepona are:

    Carnival: second week of February
    Easter Week: (depending on the calendar)
    San Isidro Labrador: 15 May
    Quema de los bigotes de San Juan: (Puppet burning fiesta for St. John): night of the 23 June
    Fair and Saint day celebrations: First or second week of July
    Tourist Day: 15th August

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