Estepona’s regional events

A multitude of fairs and fiestas are celebrated all year round throughout the length and breadth of the province of Malaga.

Due to cultural traditions, Carnival and Easter Week are the two most important fiestas in Andalucía in general. Easter Week in Málaga is the most notable traditional event, and one that is well worth seeing.

We also highly recommend the fiestas held in all the districts of the province. We suggest the Málaga fair, held at the end of August, or the traditional Pedro Romero fair in Ronda at the beginning of September, which mixes the joyful nature of local people with one of the best examples of bullfighting at the traditional Corrida Goyesca.

Another notable area of the province, full of charming little villages, fiestas and popular traditions is Axarquía. We have a full calendar of events for all of the villages in Axarquía.

Don’t hesitate; it is well worth taking part in any of these fiestas.

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