Flamenco show in El Rompido (Huelva)

Day: Tuesday and saturday

Departure from the Hotels: Marina el Rompido: 9:30pm. Nuevo Portil: 9:15pm. Punta Umbría: 9:00pm. Huelva: 8:30pm.;

Return: 11.30 pm. Approx.

Includes: Bus and show.

In the Geographic center of Huelva “The Coast of the Light” in Cartaya. Flamenco were born in the second half of the 14th century, of father “Andalusia” and mother “Gipsy” (Gipsies; the word comes from “Egyptanos”) -expresses the power and energy of all its History, on the Flesh, in the Heart and in the Mind of the Flamenco Group – “Embrujo” Representing on their own way deep and pure of art, being this point the highlight climactic of its Show.

Price: 50,00 €


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