How to get to Andalusia

The infrastructures of Andalucía, which underwent an important improvement after Expo 92 (Universal Exposition of Seville, 1992) in Seville, stretch across the map of the region and enable it to assist its guests in any way they require. The arrival of the AVE high speed train service in Seville and the later extension to Málaga ([see our section on how to arrive by train]), the expansion of the airports at Málaga, the Pablo Ruiz Picasso, and San Pablo, at Seville, have further opened access to anyone wanting to visit the region. The opening of the airport of Gibraltar is a new point of entry for visitors from the United Kingdom, and the strengthening of the airport at Jerez, combined with the proximity of the international airport of Faro (in Portugal), makes the region one of easiest areas of Europe to visit. How to get by plane.

Highlighting various points of interest if you are planning your voyage to Andalucía: customs and the necessary travel documents for your journey.


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