Deep in the Sierra de Grazalema mountain range, this marvellous town is perched on the mountainside and behind it emerges, majestic and protecting, the Peñón Grande (“great rock”) outcrop, its sides protected by the mountains of the Sierra Morena al Norte and the Sierra del Endrinal al Sur, opening out to the east towards the Sierra de las Nieves (snows) south of Ronda.

Grazalema prides itself in having in its surrounding countryside two of the true Edens of the region, prized for the richness and variety of its wildlife; we refer, of course, to, on one side, the Ribera de Gaidovar, the valley named after its river, which makes the valley a lost garden where the temperatures create a rare microclimate characterizing its wild nature; and on the other, the Aldea de Benamahoma, a small settlement with its own identity, whose own principal natural wealth is its wild landscape, and the abundance of water, in springs, pools, waterfalls and canyons, which feeds the lush vegetation of the area.

Its enviable geographical fastness sits at the centre of a triangle formed by the cities of Cádiz, Seville and Málaga, and it is equally accessible from wherever you set out between these three cities.

Grazalema and Benamahoma, Benamahoma and Grazalema,  both places are a reference point for what the Sierra de Cádiz offers in Rural Tourism: beautiful, primeval, landscapes in the demarcation zone of the Parque Natural Sierra de Grazalema. The town itself is one of the pueblos blancos, white villages, that has thought to protect its traditional architecture, mixing progress with sustainable development while retaining a balance of history and tradition.

The area also offers space to stretch out and enjoy yourself in a healthy climate, a great number of itineraries for lovers of hiking, adventure sports in wilderness conditions for the more energetic, and a wide range of hotels now grouped in a range offering the guest simplicity or luxury.

Special note must be made of the outstanding food in the mountains, derived from the simple expedient of using whatever the landscape provides and what the small farmers can grow. Each day we have to consider the importance of balancing ecologically sound agriculture with the conservation of the environment, and its compatibility with the demands of rural life.

Therefore, Grazalema and Benamahoma are, for the traveller, much more than a pretty landscape: the warmth of the people, the grandeur of the mountains, the ozone-laden air you breathe, the colours that wash across the landscape, the richness of the flora and fauna, the mysterious Pinsapo pines hidden in the woods, the sound of the water rushing in the mountain torrents, the character of the streets and small squares, the flavour and impression of a singular way of life … all of this is also the inspiration for artists, painters, writers, and thinkers, who have chosen Grazalema as the place where they want to live.

A secret: It’s impossible to go home without taking with us, as a souvenir, a photograph of the vistas of the tiled rooftops of Grazalema at dawn…

To lay out all the information about what Grazalema and its region have to offer, we have divided the details in the following sections: getting around, where to eat, what to do in Grazalema, the Sierra de Grazalema, health and beauty, leisure and shopping, as well as a list of just what Grazalema can offer in its calendar of events.


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