Beauty clinics in Marbella

Marbella has long been regarded as a pioneer in the beauty sector and is home to numerous clinics of tremendous prestige in the area. Using the latest advances in the new generation of technologies (laser, intense light treatments, ultraviolet and other therapies) in their cosmetic treatments, over the years these clinics have held the leading edge in the art of these modern beauty technologies.

The presence of these clinics, often next to major health centres that have developed in parallel in the application of newer technologies, and their magnificent record have made Marbella one of the capitals of health and beauty treatments thanks to its clinics and SPAs.

Therefore, you can ask for the unbiased opinion of the beauty industry’s national regulator, la Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plática Reparadora y Estética (Secpre) which has its own dedicated web site:, and a telephone line: 902 406 090.

Clínica Estética. Corporación Dermoestética
Avda. General Lopez Dominguez, 1
29600 Marbella
Telf. 952 89 84 65

Clínica Estética. The Marbella Aesthetic Clinic
Ramón Gómez de la Serna, 22
Edif. King Edward, of.106
Telf. 952 86 46 98

Clínica Estética. Molding Clinic
Crta. Cádiz, Km 176
Puerto Banús
Telf. 951 05 59 51

Clínica Estética. Marbella Clinic
Los Gladiolos s/n
Urb. Royal Garden
Telf. 952 81 69 81

Clínica Estética. Isabelleás Beauty Center.
Muelle Rivera, portal 1 casa E
Puerto Banús
Telf. 952 81 59 44

Clínica Estética. Dr Houyoux
Avda. Playa del Duque. Casa Sevilla
952 81 38 52

Clínica Estética. Clínica Egara.
Ramón Gómez de la Serna, 22.
Edf.King Edward.ofi.105
Telf. 952 82 82 41

Clínica Estética. Doctor Campos.
Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 65. 5ª plta. 2ª pta.
Telf. 952 82 18 11

Clínica Estética. Clínica Beladorma
C/Castillejos. Edf. Azalez, 4. 2A
Telf. 952 77 35 10


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