Climbing in Grazalema

There are two outstanding climbing zones near Grazalema, at el Peñón Grande (1034 m) and the Aguja (needle) del Puerto de las Palomas (1280 m), with different access routes of variable difficulty.

It is necessary to warn that the state of the rock at the Aguja del Puerto de las Palomas is poor on some of its faces, with sand and loose rock, and we would advise caution when climbing it. Local advice is available from the tourist centre in the main square.
The ‘Escuela de Escalada’ of Grazalema
El Peñón Grande (1034 m) has routes of various lengths that don’t necessarily require equipment. The surroundings and situation make it an interesting ‘school’ face for climbers. The details of the climbing areas you’ll found around its face aren’t easy to sketch out. The wall, of limestone, has an average height of 35 m, with a maximum height of 180 m. The best seasons for climbing here are spring and autumn.

More information about ‘la escuela’:
Pitches V: 30%
Pitches V+ to 6c+: 15%
Pitches 7a to 7c+: 50%
Pitches 8: 5%


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  1. Hola, estoy buscando un croquis de las zonas de escalada que hay en la sierra de Grazalema. Dónde puedo conseguirlas, gracias,


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