How to get to Grazalema by plane

Grazalema’s position in the triangle between the capitals of Cádiz, Seville and Málaga, gives it easy access to the principal air entry ports for Andalucía.


While relatively small, the airport of Jerez is one of the major tourism and travel hubs in the province of Cádiz. During its initial design it was planned as basically a regional airport for national airlines, but with the capacity to expand to meet increasing tourism and business traffic, both internal and overseas. As more and more international flights land at Jerez, the airport continues to grow.
Address: Carretera N-IV Madrid-Cádiz, km 628
Tel: 956-150000


In fact, Málaga’s Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport occupies fourth place in the league of airports handling air traffic across the whole of Spain. In 2002 it reached an annual passenger total of 10,429,439 passengers, an increase of 5 per cent over 2001.
The airport, overwhelmingly a tourism airport, is linked directly with flights to seven major Spanish cities, plus an estimated seventy or more European capital cities and various destinations in the Americas, Asia and Africa.
The increasing number of tourist flights heading for the Costa del Sol has forced the airport to improve its structure and quality of services almost constantly, in response to the demands of its users, both tourists and the airlines that serve them.
Address: Carretera Nacional N348
Tel: 952-048844


Seville’s airport, first opened in 1940, faced its ultimate expansion in 1989 when, in the run-up to the EXPO 92 in the city, it built a new terminal building to increase space for  rising numbers of arrivals. The extra terminal has an area of almost 200,000 sq m, and required a new access road from the nearby N-IV motorway. A new control tower was also built to the south of the airport. The new facilities were inaugurated in July 1991, in time for the EXPO 92 influx.
Address: CTRA. N-IV Km 533
Tel: 954-449000

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