Museums in Grazalema

Grazalema’s important textile industry thrived during the early and middle 18th century, with the famous cloth trade of the town leaving it mark on the fabric of the region’s culture, economy and history.

To record this apogee in Grazalema’s culture, the Museo de Artesanía Textil was founded, where you can see Grazalema’s textile industry at work, if in diminished form, more or less as it was when its cloth trade flourished in the earlier half of the 18th century.

Museo de Artesanía Textil
Address: Ctra. Ubrique – Ronda, s/n
Tel: 956132008
Free ticket

El Ecomuseo
El Ecomuseo is located in the old mill of the Nacimiento (birth, or source) of Los Capitalistas, situated on the banks of the río Majaceite.

Its setting, therefore, offers diverse attractions to the visitor: the source of the river itself and the starting point for the hiking path that follows the route between Benamahoma and El Bosque, an antique ‘batán’, a hydraulic industrial textile-cleaning apparatus, now converted into a fish tank, and the actual mill itself, which houses the Ecomuseo.

Alongside is a fish farm where you can buy locally bred trout. The museum collection includes milling machinery and other related industrial artefacts.
Address: Calle Nacimiento s/n
Tel: 956716001

Museo de Moros y Cristianos de Benamahoma en Grazalema
In Benamahoma the celebrations of the fiesta of Moors and Christians is the most southerly in the whole of Spain.
Address: Calle Real s/n


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