The society and culture of Grazalema

Area:121 Km2.

Situation: Latitude: 36° 46′ N Longitude: 5° 25′ O

Average altitude: 812 metres above sea level.

Population: 2,230 inhabitants

Nearby municipalities: Ronda, Ubrique, Arcos de la Frontera, Villamartin, Puerto Serrano, Algodonales, Olvera

Distance to Cádiz: 142 km


-By road: Double carriage motorway A-372

-By air: Closest airport is the Aeropuerto de Jerez, at 81 kms. Other airports: Seville airport, 113 kms. International airport Pablo Ruíz Picasso (Málaga), 146 kms (for more information visit our section on airports in Andalucia).

By train: Stations with long-distance connections are Jerez, 81 kms, and Seville, 113 kms (visit our section on important telephone numbers in Grazalema for more information).

Grazalema is situated at the north-east of its province, Cádiz, located in the heart of the mountain range that takes its name and comprising the middle of the first protected Natural Park to have been constituted in Andalucía; the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazalema.

Set on the slopes of the Sierra del Endrinal, on a rock plateau, Grazalema stretches along its length and ends at the precipice dropping down to the Tajo gorge below it, and which overlooks the Valle del Guadalete.

At its back rises, majestic and protecting, the peak of the Peñón Grande, its sides keeping guard over the Sierra Morena to the north and the Sierra del Endrinal to the south, opening out wide in the east towards the Sierra de las Nieves to the south of Ronda.

To the east is the hill of San Cristobal at 1,555 m above sea level and, a little further north, the Sierra del Pinar, which is the highest mountain point in the province of Cádiz, at 1,653 m. This is where the Pinsapo tree reigns, a specimen of pine that we can catalogue as prehistoric, since it is unique as the only arboreal species to have survived the last Alpine glaciation period.


Grazalema is situated in the Sierra de Ubrique and stands out among the areas of Spain with the most annual rainfall (2.132 mm average yearly precipitation). Average annual temperature: 6-7º (winter); 26º (summer).


There are restaurants with the greatest variety of cuisine, local, national and international. Among the gastronomic specialities of Grazalema, most notable are its cheeses, its honeys and meat (particularly pork) products (visit our section on restaurants).

Its typical dishes are: Grazalema soup, Asparagus soup, Baked lamb, wild thistles and scrambled eggs, venison in sauce, baked sweet potatoes, acorn tart… In sweet baking, amarguillos (sweetbreads of diced almonds, cinnamon, sugar and lemon rind), or cubiletes, a baked whipped butter and eggs confection, flavoured with cinnamon and sugar.


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