SPA centres in Grazalema

The culture of water and the bath, introduced during the times when Grazalema was a Moorish settlement, with its civic facilities, springs, hot baths and hammams, some of which date back to the the Roman presence here, are all evidence that even its earliest settlers made the most of the abundant waters of the region.

Nowadays, if you want to enjoy this marvel, we can recommend three destinations: the SPA & Beauty Miramar at the Hotel Fuerte Miramar in Marbella and the SPA & Beauty Miramar at the Hotel Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz, in Conil.

If you are looking to avail yourself of the beneficial waters, in the province of Cádiz there is also the balneario, or spa, of Fuenteamarga, in the coastal town of Chiclana, a balneario that has been open since the early 19th century.

Address: Ctra Fuente Amarga
Chiclana de la Frontera
Tel: 956 40 05 20
Treatments: Dermatological conditions
Respiratory conditions: Arthritis / Arthrosis / Rheumatism
Therapies: Various bath treatments / Jet baths / Various shower treatments / Inhalations / Hand water therapy / Massages / Foot water therapy
Types of waters: Alkalines / Calcinated / Chlorated / Hipertonic / Sulphates / Sulphurates


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