Public Health Centres in Andalusia

Spain’s social security system (and here, specifically, the Andalucían Health Service) has an obligation to treat anyone who needs medical attention in Spain, whether they are Spanish citizens or foreign visitors.

We list here the major hospitals and health centres in Andalucía and how you can find and seek help at health centres and clinics in the region. Citizens of the European community are covered for most forms of medical help by a convention between neighbour states that offers access to medical treatment for their citizens.

The system using the international E-111 form became obsolete in January 2006 and has been replaced by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which is available in your home country in the same way the E-111 form was.

Emergency services will, of course, treat anyone in any circumstance, and are obliged by law to do so, but some treatments and services may be outside the remit of the EHIC and therefore will have to be paid for later.

It is important, however, to be aware that not even the EHIC covers all medical costs, and that most countries, particularly Britain and its Foreign Office, urge travellers to buy sufficient private travel insurance to cover contingencies outside those covered by the EHIC. All reputable travel insurance companies have reciprocal agreements with overseas counterparts (BUPA, for instance, with Spanish companies such as Adeslas and Sanitas).

Most primary and minor medical services can be dealt with at a local health centre in your destination. These offer medical assistance and consultation, and can deal with emergencies that do not require hospitalisation (which will require a simple transfer to a nearby hospital). Most clinics and hospitals can offer the assistance of translators for those who do not speak Spanish, although this becomes less of an option the further you travel away from the larger centres of population.

If you find yourself in a particular serious medical emergency, call or ask someone to call the national emergency line on 061.

The hospital system is structured much in the way you will find in any capital, although there are also numerous private hospitals and specialist clinics, many of which are linked to the public health system. How you negotiate this system very much depends on each individual case.

In addition, in each city and town and the municipalities of Andalucía there are also offices where you can obtain help and advice on accessing medical assistance. If your circumstance is a police matter, the first number to call is the National Police on 091.

Andalucía also has a European Emergency Services free information line on 112, which coordinates emergency calls and can offer help in Spanish, English, French and German. The 112 telephone line is a recommended first-stop in any medical emergency.


Hospital Jerez de la Frontera

Address: Ronda de Circunvalación s/n

Municipality: Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) CP 11407


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 956032000

Information line 956032033

FAX 956032087

Hospital La Línea

Address: Avda. Menéndez Pelayo nº103

Municipality: Línea de la Concepción, La (Cádiz) CP: 11300


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 956026500

Information line 956026573

Information line 956026574

FAX 956026556

Hospital Puerta del Mar

Address: Ana de Viya nº 21

Municipality: Cádiz CP: 11009


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 956002100

Information line 956002263

FAX 956002264

Hospital Puerto Real

Address: Ctra. N-IV Km. 665

Municipality: Puerto Real (Cádiz) CP 11510


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 956005000

Information line 956005166

Information line 956005553

Information line 956005555

FAX 956005658

FAX 956470376

Hospital Punta de Europa

Address: Ctra. de Getares s/n

Municipality: Algeciras (Cádiz) CP11207


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 956025000

Information line 956025147

FAX 956025000


Hospital Antequera

Address: Avda. Poeta Muñoz Rojas, s/n

Municipality: Antequera (Málaga) CP 29200


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 951061600

Information line 951061520

Information line 951061522

FAX 952843444

Hospital Comarcal Anarquía

Address: Urb. El Tomillar s/n

Municipality: Vélez-Málaga (Málaga) CP 29700


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 951067000

Information line 951067023

FAX 951067009

Hospital General de Málaga

Address: Avda. Carlos Haya s/n

Municipality: Málaga CP: 29010


Emergencies: 902505061

Switchboard 951290000

Information line 951291146

FAX 951291157

FAX 951291106

Hospital Materno Infantil Málaga

Address: Avda. Miraflores de los Ángeles s/n

Municipality: Málaga CP 29011


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 951030200

FAX 951030245

Hospital Serranía

Address: Ctra. El Burgo km 1

Municipality: Ronda (Málaga) CP 29400


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 951065001

Information line 951065097

Information line 951065100

FAX 951065242

Hospital Virgen de la Victoria

Address: Campus Universitario Teatinos s/n

Municipality: Málaga CP 29010


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 951032000

Information line 951032624

FAX 951032188


Hospital Infanta Elena

Address: Ctra. Sevilla-Huelva s/n

Municipality: Huelva CP 21080


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 959015100

Information line 959015138

FAX 959015132

Hospital Juan Ramón Jiménez

Address: Ronda Exterior Norte s/n

Municipality: Huelva CP21005


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 959016000

Information line 959016001

FAX 959016202

Hospital Río Tinto

Address: Avda. La Esquila nº5

Municipality: Minas de Riotinto (Huelva) CP 21660


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 959025200

Information line 959025266

Information line 959025275

FAX 959025297

FAX 959025395


Hospital Infanta Margarita

Address: Avda. de Góngora s/n

Municipality: Cabra (Córdoba) CP 14940


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 957021300

Information line 957021325

FAX 957021322

Hospital Reina Sofía

Address: Avda. Menéndez Pidal s/n

Municipality: Córdoba CP 14004


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 957010001

Switchboard 957010002

Information line 957010511

Information line 957010422

FAX 957010340

FAX 957010419

Hospital Valle de los Pedroches

Address: Juan del Rey Calero s/n

Municipality: Pozoblanco (Córdoba) CP 14400


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 95702630

Information line 957026375

FAX 957026427


Hospital La Merced

Address: Avda. de la Constitución nº2

Municipality: Osuna (Sevilla) CP 41640


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 955077200

Information line 955077418

FAX 955077217

Hospital Virgen de Valme

Address: Ctra. de Cádiz Km. 548,9

Municipality: Sevilla CP 41014


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 955015000

Information line 955015001-2

Information line 955015004-6

Information line 955015003

FAX 955015258

FAX 955015960

Hospital Virgen del Rocío

Address: Avda. Manuel Siurot s/n

Municipality: Sevilla CP 41013


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 955012000

Information line 955012125

FAX 955013473

Hospital Virgen Macarena

Address: Avda. Dr. Fedriani nº 3

Municipality: Sevilla CP: 41009


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 955008000

Information line 955008029

Information line 955008030

FAX 95500802


Complejo Hospitalario de Jaén

Address: Avda. del Ejército Español nº10

Municipality: Jaén CP 23007


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 953008000

Information line 953008040

FAX 953008041

Hospital San Agustín

Address: Avda. de San Cristóbal s/n

Municipality: Linares (Jaén) CP 23700


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 953024200

Information line 953024306

FAX 953024315

Hospital San Juan de la Cruz

Address: Ctra. de Linares Km.1

Municipality: Úbeda (Jaén) CP 23400


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 953028200

Information line 953028257

FAX 953028251


Hospital La Inmaculada

Address: Avda. Dra. Ana Parra s/n

Municipality: Huércal-Overa (Almería) CP: 04600


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 950029000

Information line 950029070

FAX 950029065

Hospital Torrecárdenas

Address: Paraje Torrecárdenas s/n

Municipality: Almería CP 04009


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 950016000

Information line 950016141

Information line 950016103

FAX 950016108

FAX 950016105


Hospital Baza

Address: Ctra. de Murcia s/n

Municipality: Baza (Granada) CP: 18800


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 958031300

Information line 958031321

FAX 958031392

Hospital San Cecilio

Address: Avda. del Dr. Oloriz nº16

Municipality: Granada CP: 18012


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 958023308

Switchboard 958023229

Switchboard 958023000

Information line 958023245

Information line 958023065

FAX 958023171

FAX 958023036

Hospital Santa Ana

Address: Avda. Enrique Martín Cuevas s/n

Municipality: Motril (Granada) CP: 18600


Emergencies 902505061

Switchboard 958038200

Information line 958038300

FAX 958038201


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  1. Francisco Mérida %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p

    Buenos días,

    A modo de queja/sugerencia: me parece muy mal que tengáis un 902 para Urgencias. Le acaban de cargar 6€ a mi madre porque llamó (victima de la ignorancia) pidiendo una ambulancia para mi abuela moribunda.

    Muchas gracias por engrosar las arcas a costa de la gente necesitada. Sé que la persona que lea esto no tendrá ninguna culpa, pero me ha ha parecido tan deplorable que no he podido aguantarme. Sería tan fácil como indicar el 112 o el 061, números más simples y más conocidos.

    Un saludo

  2. La digitalización de historias clínicas en Murcia es una innovación que permite a los médicos y otros profesionales de la salud almacenar y compartir información importante sobre sus pacientes, sin los problemas asociados con el uso tradicional de papel. En este artículo exploraremos cómo la digitalización de las historias clínicas está cambiando el modo en que los profesionales de la salud tratan a los pacientes, y qué beneficios podemos esperar ver en el futuro.

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