Bakeries in Marbella

The art of cake making in Marbella is five star. The cakemakers and confectioners of the town have specialized in sweet rolls and cakes, fruit and sugar sweetmeats, and handmade chocolate confectionery of the highest quality. With their experience in the ovens and bakeries serving the clients of Marbella’s hotels, many of these specialists have left their kitchens to open their own establishments, often half-shop, half-cafe, to the general public.

And the international visitors to Marbella have certainly taken to what the traditional Málaga dessert chef can produce in their kitchen. Which is how the pastelerías (no English term can quite capture their contents or function) of the region consistently surpass the expections of friends, tourists and natives alike.

Juanar, 7
29600 Marbella
Tel. 952 820 548

Avda. del Trapiche, 16
29600 Marbella
Tel. 952 778 868

Alonso de Bazan, 3
29600 Marbella
Tel. 952 776 642

Avda. Puerta del Mar, 11
29600 Marbella
Tel. 952 770 013

Santa Teresa
Avda. Independencia, 13
29600 Marbella
Tel. 952 776 091

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