Beauticians in Marbella

With each visit we take even greater care of all aspects of the physique, all aspects of the aesthetics of the body.

You need look no further than the Hotels Fuerte and Fuerte Miramar, which have two of Marbella’s major body clinics, the Spa at Miramar and thebeauty centre, which will satisfy all your needs: depilation, manicure, pedicure, cleansing, makeup, body and facial treatments … as well as hairstylists and, of course, the SPA.

Each offers a wide range of profession health products for professional and public users in ranges for hair styling, makeup, and an integral beauty advice consultancy.

SPA & Beauty Miramar – Hotel Fuerte Miramar-SPA

Plaza José Luque Manzano s/n

29.600 Marbella. Málaga.

Tel. 95 276 84 00


Página web:

SPA & Beauty Miramar – Hotel el Fuerte

Avda. Duque de Ahumada, Paseo Marítimo.

29.600 Marbella. Málaga

Tel: 952 92 00 00


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