Golf courses in Marbella

It is not for simple vanity that the Costa del Golf gets the name Costa del Golf. Now blessed with 40 courses along just 150 kilometres of coastline, it is little short of paradise for lovers of the open air sport.

Golf in Marbella offers 17 golf courses where you can practice, play a round or finesse your swing on the practice courses.

For a complete listing of facilities, please visit our dedication section on Golf in Andalucía

Golf Club Flamingos
Designed by Robert Trent Jones, the private 18-hole course has a par of 71 for a slope of 129, over a 6000m course. The course of 18 holes was designed by Antonio Gª Garrido with a par of 72 along 5883 competitive metres. Private club, visitors admitted. Slope of 128. This private club which admits visitors was designed by Robert Trent Jones. Its 18 holes cover a course of 6437m for a par of 72 with a slope of 130.
Tel. 952 830 500 Tel. 952 889 157 Tel. 952 815 206
Private members-only club. Its 18-hole, 6039m course has a par of 72 for a slope of 135. Designed by Bradford Benz. Designed by Antonio García Garrido, its 18 holes have a par of 70 for a slope of 114. The 5586m course also admits visitors. Private club with visitor admission, 18 holes with a par of 72, and a course of 6166m designed by Javier Arana. Slope of 132.
Tel. 952 855 453 Tel. 952 831 036 Tel. 952 765 733
La Dama de Noche Golf
An impresive course of 9 + 18 + 18 holes. Their 5766 or 6021 metres are by the sea and pine woods. Designed by Javier Arana and Falco Nardi. With a par of 72 or 73 for slopes of 126 and 123. The Club is run on a semi-private basis. Designed by Enrique Canales, its 18 have a par of 71 and is open to the public. With a slope of 126 and a course of 5940m. A private club that admits visitors, this course of 18 or 9 holes was designed by Enrique Canales Busquet. With a par of 72 for a slope of 122 over a course of 5352m.
Tel. 952 883 455 Tel. 952 850 111 Tel. 952 818 150
Golf Club Flamingos
An 18-hole course designed by Antonio Gª Garrido with a par of 72 for a slope of 128 on a course of 5883m. A private club but guests admitted. The greatest Spanish golfer of modern times Severiano Ballesteros signed the design of this 18 hole course with a par 72 in its 5624m course. Slope of 129. Private club but admits visitors. One of the oldest golf clubs in Marbella, designed in 1975 by Javier Arana, its 18 holes for a long course of 6293m has a par o f 72 for a slope of 135. Semi-private club (May-October) but admits visitors.
Tel. 952 889 157 Tel. 952 784 600 Tel. 952 907 085
Greenlife Golf
The 5170m course of 18-holes for a total par of 71 for a slope of 130 is the work of Juan Ligues. Unusual and accesible 9 holes with a par of 3 and set a few kilometres from Marbella with a fantastic view of Marbella itself. Slope of 83, with a total 1904m for a par of 54. A course of 9 holes over 2342m, with a perfect par of 3 , for a slope of 83. Holes reach from 88 to 169m of high quality and are distributed around a spectacular artificial course.
Tel. 952 850 282 Tel. 952 822 781 Tel. 952 839 142
beautiful course of 2848m with 9 holes in 29 shots to equal the par. Slope of 93 and a course of psychological complexity, mixing the easy and the difficult.
Tel. 952 929 249


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