Local festivals and events in Marbella

Although it isn’t exactly difficult to find an excuse to celebrate a fiesta in Marbella, to relax on the terraces or to have a drink or tapas with friends, the fiestas of Marbella, which fall throughout the annual calendar, throughout the seasons, have a vitalizing effect on life here and underpin the culture of leisure and relaxation.

Easter, the September feria, Christmas and the carnavales prior to Lent are all fiestas you should not miss if you have the luck to visit when they occur, and some do not have fixed dates (carnaval, usually February, for example), as each has its own particular and quite idiosyncratic style, flavour and atmosphere.


Patrón de Marbella, Saints’ days
Celebrated: June 11
San Bernabé
During the week a feria (fair) and fiestas with different activities are held around Marbella.
Fairs and fiestas de Nueva Andalucía
A week of celebrations during the third week of July.
Fairs and fiestas in Las Chapas
This part of Marbella celebrates its week of fiestas in August.
Ferias y fiestas de El Ángel
The lively neighbourhood of El Ángel celebrates its fiestas over the first few days of October
Patrón de San Pedro de Alcántara
Celebrated: October 19
San Pedro de Alcántara
Equal to the festivities in Marbella, but celebrated a week later. October 19 is the highlight of an entire week of celebrations


Semana Santa, holy week, is when the people of Marbella take their dazzling church statues on processions around their neighbourhoods. Individual dates vary, but they are all  dominated by the final Resurrection Sunday, el Domingo de Resurrección, which the Roman Catholic church has defined as the first full moon in the month of Nissan in the ancient Jewish calendar, corresponding today with the month between 22 March and 25 April. It is also defined that Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring. More information is available in the page dedicated to Semana Santa in Marbella.


The major festival imported from the province and city of Cádiz is celebrated with great style and energy in Marbella.

Its festivities are sustained and overseen by the local cultural organisation, la Agrupación Cultural Carnavalesca Marbellí. The actual days of celebration are set by the fall of the Semana Santa dates. Therefore, it is celebrated 40 days before Palm Sunday, or Domingo de Ramos, that is, before Lent.

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