Shopping District of Marbella

The businesses in Marbella’s casco antiguo old town area have formed themselves into what in Spain is known as a “centro commercial abierto”, that is, a loose alliance of likeminded businesses who work together with a common philosophy in mind. There are fifteen such centros in the province and Marbella’s casco antiguo is one of the largest. The culture is traditional and part of the neighbourhood, the businesses, whether small crafts workers, smart boutique owners, local bars or restaurants, serve both the local community and the visitor alike; the one thing they have in common is being small, local independent enterprises (one might think of London’s Neal’s Yard, or parts of New York’s Greenwich Village).

Having a coffee, browsing the shops, hunting for a gift for friend or family, dining somewhere quiet and magical in the old town, or visiting the casco antiguo’s numerous historic buildings and museums, you will discover, stone by stone and step by step, the history of Marbella.


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