USP Marbella

The Marbella USP Hospital has belonged to USP Hospitales since March, 2003. This group is a market leader in Spain, with a network of 32 health centres that are located in the cities of Barcelona, La Coruña, Madrid, Marbella, Murcia, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Seville and Vitoria.

Since 2003, USP Hospitales’s main objectives for the Marbella Hospital have been to employ first class physicians, to invest in equipment to offer the best technology in the private market, to incorporate new specialities and to strengthen existing ones and to invest in hotel services and facilities. The hospital’s operational efficiency has also been improved with the aim of offering the best possible service to the residents of Marbella. These services also benefit tourists who visit the area, as the hospital has arrangements with all the main Spanish and international health insurance companies.

USP Hospital de Marbella’s location in the main tourist centre on the Costa del Sol gives the project an international dimension, as the area receives visitors from all over the world. The characteristics of the centre make it unique on the Costa del Sol, as it is located right on the beachfront, close to Marbella’s Fishing Port and its rooms are south facing and have sea views.

USP Marbella Hospital was built in 1975 and its total surface area of 75,000 square feet is spread over six floors. It has a 24 hour Casualty Service, a Surgery Block, a Radiology Department, a Haemodialysis Unit, an ICU, a Laboratory, an Area for Function Tests, as well as an area set aside for Medical Consultations.

USP Marbella offers a large selection of medical check-ups for you to choose from.

USP Marbella has an excellent hemodialisys unit at your disposal, with a spacious treatment room with large windows, through which a view of the sea and Marbella’s fishing port can be enjoyed.

USP Marbella organises accommodation in near-by hotels for their patients. The hospital’s proximity to the hotels belonging to the Fuerte Hoteles chain in Marbella will make your stay more comfortable.

You will also find a wide range of medical specialities, such as:

24 h Paediatrics
and many more.

PFor more information, visit the USP Marbella website.

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