El Rompido

While historically Cartaya is a town dedicated to its agriculture, El Rompido has always been known as a town dedicated to the sea. The town is infused with its maritime culture: its houses with their baroque atmosphere, the flavour of the sea in its streets, the lighthouses – one of them from the 19th century – and the bustle of the small fishing boats that lend a special appeal to a town where modern buildings that might interrupt its peace are an exception.

The charm of this maritime town and the quality of the fresh fish and seafoods unloaded here have transformed El Rompido into a gastronomic destination of the first order. From trips in boats to fishing expeditions and tourist recreation, you will find them all available here.

This lively fishing port has seen how tourism can, almost daily, complement and strengthen its economy. Its waters, in a strategic position adjacent to the natural haven of the Marismas, wetlands, of the ría (inlet) del Piedras (stones), and right at the mouth of the inlet, is a familiar place to anyone who visits or knows El Rompido, attracted by the unbeatable conditions for nautical sports, or anyone who is hunting in its fishing port for the best that the sea can offer in the traditional seafood of the region.The dynamic activity of the littoral itself has wrought a singular sandy geology in the region, la Flecha (arrow) de El Rompido, which opens out to the Atlantic Ocean from a virgin beach and to which it is possible to give thanks for past favours to sailors looking for a safe anchor off the beaches of Cartaya.

Its richness in flora and fauna has made it a protected zone in the Natural Park of las Marismas del Piedras and the Flecha de El Rompido, a place of special interest for any lover of nature.

El Rompido is one of the most handsome towns on the southern coasts of Spain. This small stretch of coast between Portugal and the Costa del Sol is famous as the Costa de la Luz, wholly apt in its English translation as ‘the coast of light’. Here you will encounter commercial development still in its infancy, just enough to guarantee your comfort while you make the most of the climate and the ocean breezes of the surprisingly pacific Atlantic. Among the amenities at your service are the limitless beaches, the wild nature reserves and a people who are warm and friendly. Once you have visited El Rompido, you won’t want to visit anywhere else.

To set out all that El Rompido offers its visitors, we have divided the information into the following sections: getting around, restaurants, what to do in El Rompido, golf, health and beauty, leisure and where to shop, as well as a comprehensive roundup of the calendar of events in and around El Rompido.


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