Beaches in El Rompido (Huelva)

The Huelva littoral hides an infinity of charms, and its beaches are are usually the ones that most tourists want to see when they visit during the summer.

A full awareness of all the leisure possibilities available here involves letting yourself become a captive of a resort where urban design has been integrated into its natural surroundings, and where the visitor will find an almost impossible range of options to choose from, be they lovers of relaxation or recreational activities, of the sea or inland sports such as golf or hiking, culture, history or architecture, botany, ornithology, earth sciences or the nightly astronomy lesson overhead…

The coast, between Ayamonte and Punta Umbría, is flat and resolves in very long beaches where relatively modern settlements are now beginning to appear, set on the very same sands: dunes, pine woods and sandbanks formed in the estuaries of the small rivers that run into the Atlantic.

“Nuevo Portil” Beach

The beach of Nuevo Portil juts into the sea from one of the most handsome vantage points on the Huelva coast; surrounded by pines and junipers, this beach features an urban development clearly designed for tourism but planned with respect for the surrounding environment.

Nuevo Portil leads down to its beach, which is also home to the naval base of the same name and is linked by ferry to the virgin beaches of the Flecha de El Rompido, just a stone’s throw away.

Playa de San Miguel

With a length of 3,600 metres and a medium width of 40 metres, its fine golden sand and tranquil waters make this little jewel of the Huelva coast a superb place for bathing. Popular among holidaymakers and families with children, its passenger boats and ships mingle with the fishing vessels of the area and give it a certain melancholy of earlier times.

The access route, surrounded by Mediterranean pines, confers an attraction to the place that makes it more than just one of the points you have to visit. This river beach is connected to the virgin beach of the Flecha by motorboat and other small ferry services in high season.

El Rompido Beach

Nine kilometres separate El Portil from El Rompido, in the district of Cartaya, where we will find one of the most important geomorphic gems of the peninsula, La

Playa de El RompidoThis natural landscape is constituted by the tidal marshes of the río Piedras, where a sedimentary current has built a sandbar almost as far as the eye can see along the length of the sandy coast (it increases as much as 40 m a year). It’s worth stopping in the mirador, or viewing point, here to take in the magnificent view over this natural wonder. The wealth of bird life here is underpinned by the fact that many of these are endangered species. It is also worth pointing out the presence of chameleons, small mammals and the shy Iberian lynx. The coastal vegetation is dominated by large stands of stone pine.

An urban beach of 3,600 m length here has an average width of 40 m. Its fine golden sand and gentle swell is thanks to the surrounding topography and makes this arrow-shaped spit of land, La Flecha, an inviting space to spend a few tranquil days among its dunes.

The beach, patrolled by the local police and a team of lifeguards, also offers, as well as its gentle bathing waters and only a medium level of occupation, such services as showers, rubbish disposal and changing cabins that give a little more security and privacy on the beach.

With an area dedicated to hire craft, parking spaces and attended parking, as well as a number of beach kiosks, summer stalls, camping facilities, restaurants, bathrooms and changing room, this all adds a plus in its services, making it the most comprehensively served bathing beach in the area.


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