How to get to El Rompido (Huelva) by bus

Spain enjoys magnificent and economical inter-provincial bus services, which make travel between the cities and towns very easy. There are various routes that connect directly to Huelva, just a few minutes from El Rompido.

Also, there are numerous bus services that directly link Cartaya and Madrid in just six hours, and to Seville in less than two hours.

Once in the capital of the Huelva province, services to El Rompido are continuous through the day, a route that you can also easily take by taxi.

For more information, we offer the following information about nearby bus stations:

Estación de autobuses de Damas
Address: Doctor Rubio, s/n
21002 Huelva
Tel. 959 256 900
Address: Gerión, 1
21450 Cartaya
Tel. 959 392 848
Isla Cristins
Address:Manuel Siurot, s/n
21410 Isla Cristina
Tel. 959 331 652
There are also private bus companies here:
Autocares León. S.L.
Address: Avda. El Rompido, 7 – 2ºIzqda.
21400 Cartaya
959 390 932 – 610 705 015
Huelva Tours Vision
Address: Avda. Consolación 5
CP. 21450 Cartaya
Telf. 959 390 825, Fax 959 393 840


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