Leisure activities in El Rompido (Huelva)

El Rompido writes the word ‘leisure’ in upper-case letters. Few other places have as many possibilities for enjoyment as this ‘pedanía’, a tiny, self-contained mini-state, at Cartaya. And most outstanding is its nightlife.

Leaving El Rompido, casinos, cinemas, theatres and concert halls are all within a 50 kilometre circle of the town. In the same area, there is also a theme park for go-karting, and an aquatic waterpark.

If you relax most with a game of golf, visit our section devoted to golf in El Rompido, but if your world is the sea, on no account miss our section on maritime events, which rounds up all the information about maritime ports, fishing harbours and sport marinas, as well as opportunities to hire craft off the beaches of El Rompido.

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