Pastries and traditional sweets of El Rompido (Huelva)

For anyone with a sweet tooth El Rompido is paradise. Many sweets and pastries are based on ancient recipes, the most flavoursome that can create delights for the most exquisite taste buds. The best of all, involving sweetened fruits and meringue-type pastries, are true taste sensations.

And for the proof, any of the sweet confections that are synonymous with the locality, curiously those produced for the celebration of local fiestas:

Piñonate: a dessert that is only ever made during the Carnaval period. It’s made with eggs and flour, although sometimes a raising agent is added for lighter texture, and it is then left to set. Afterwards the mix is fried in the form of tortitas, similar to pancakes. Beforehand, honey and water are mixed in a frying pan, heated, and the tortitas are tossed in the heated mix and sprinkled with pine nuts, sometimes with the pine nuts covered in marzipan.

Torta Real: in Cartaya, this royal cake is made with the key ingredient, and the one that gives it is characteristic flavour, the almond.

If after reading this you want to try any of these classic local sweets, we have for you a list of the major establishments in El Rompido and environs renowned for their traditional desserts.

Confectioners, bakers and pastry shops.

Panadería Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Candilejas, 2.
El Rompido
Tel. 959 399 066
Huelva Pan S.l
Pje. Botica 4
Tel. 959 260 079
P.º Independencia 10
Telf. 959 242 227
El Viejo Horno
Villarrasa 12
Tel: 959 221 896
Confitería Dioni
Avda. Federico Molina, 72
Tel. 959 221 743
Pasteleria Luna
Cabezas Rubias 2
Tel. 959 222 107
La Flor De La Canela S.l
Plaza 8
Tel. 959 391 127
Pan Punto Caliente Milagros
Isla Cristina 5
Tel. 959 230 503


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