The society and Culture of El Rompido (Huelva)

With a total area of 226 square kilometres, the municipality of Cartaya and El Rompido sits at 35km from the capital. Its average altitude of 26m above sea level reduces to zero at El Rompido itself.

That’s El Rompido, a village of fishermen that has one pharmacy, two supermarkets, one tobacconist, one baker, one haberdasher, one hairdresser, and that’s (almost) it – with of course a great many restaurants where you can enjoy the two great regional dishes, pescaito frito (fried mixed fish) and ‘los calamares del campo’ (fried onion and green pepper).

El Rompido has a fast connection to Cartaya by main road, a road surrounded by vast pine forests that make the whole area glow green and evoke times that these great trees no longer remember.

Population of Cartaya and El Rompido

Registered total population: 12,094 (With a population from abroad of 1.35 per cent and an increment relative to native population of 5.76 per cent)
Registered population, males: 6,052
Registered population, females: 6,042
Percentage of population:
-Percentage of population under 20 years: 29.32 per cent
-Percentage of population between 20 and 65 years: 58.13 per cent
-Percentage of population over 65 years: 12.55 per cent

Society in Cartaya and El Rompido
Junior schools: 4
Family habitations: 5,658
Secondary schools: 2
Principal family habitations: 2,780
Adult education centres: 1
Secondary family habitations: 2,152
Health centres: 1
New build homes: 463
Medical centres: 1
Pharmacies: 3
Local public libraries: 1

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