The society and culture of Torrox Costa

Surface area: 50 km²

Altitude: 476 feet above sea level

Average annual rainfall: 532 l/m2

Average annual temperature: 19 °C

Inhabitants: 16.103

In terms of fiestas and cultural traditions, there are plenty of dates to keep in mind for Torrox. As with the rest of the villages in Axarquía, of particular interest are the traditional festivities for Easter Week.

During the last week of February, Torrox gets dressed up for Carnival. The Cruz del Mayo (Mayday) is celebrated during the first days of May.

Festivities for Torrox’s saint day are held between the 4 and 7 of October. Of particular note are the festivities held for the Virgen de las Nieves in August and San Roque in October.

The Candalaria is celebrated during the first days of September. It is customary to burn bonfires on farms during these festivities.

Last, but by no means least, is the Fiesta de las Migas for the wines from the region.

This is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday before Christmas during the festivities for the Virgin. It includes the “quema de los júas” (puppet burning ceremony), during which people from the village wet their faces in the village fountain and make three wishes.

Our guide also explains a bit about the history of Torrox.


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