(Español) El Gobierno y las Administraciones de Andalucía


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  1. Any help would be appreciated with this. The problem I have is that at the end of August I got into an altercation in La Linea and ending up being arrested…(wasn’t that bad!). I was issued a fine of 200 euros + 335 euros…a total of 535 euros. I wanted to pay it there and then but I had to provide an address in Spain so the fine could be sent there. I live in Gibraltar. I gave them my friend’s address in Alcaidesa but since then no letter has arrived. It is over 2 months and I really want to get this paid. I had a telephone number on the court paperwork but those lines are dead. I also got someone to go to the police station in La Linea but they were no help. The place where they process the fines is possibly in Cadiz or maybe Algeciras. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. The reason could be this:
    1. Due to covid…or general summer backlog they still haven’t got around to it.
    2. They might have sent it to the wrong address
    Either way I need a contact number…or an address….or an email address, so I can put this to bed. Naturally I haven’t been over to Spain since because I am worried that they will have me over for non payment of the fine.

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